DiscoRunner Applesoft BASIC Interpreter


DiscoRunner is a multi-dialect BASIC interpreter. Its initial release supports Integer and Floating Point (Applesoft) BASIC from the Apple II.


DiscoRunner is different from other BASIC interpreters in that it is 99.5% compatible with the original languages. It accomplishes this by heavily simulating the host hardware (the Apple II) almost to an emulator level without the drawbacks of running an actual emulator. For example, BASIC programs are saved as text files. We can also add new functionality, such as an editor, a navigable CATalog and a coloured LISTing mode.


The current release has hi- and low-resolution graphics support (rendered in 3D OpenGL) including shape table support, sound (via machine language sound routines), and basic 6502 emulation (primarily used for sound). It supports mouse and gamepad controls.


DiscoRunner comes with a library of close to a thousand classic programs to play, edit and muck around with.


We have big plans for DiscoRunner — stay tuned!


DiscoRunner Download:

DiscoRunner for Windows
DiscoRunner for Mac OSX
Discorunner for Linux
Discorunner Java Jar